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Baromix Major Digger

Baromix were a very well known maker of cement mixers based in Alcester, Warwickshire. In the 1970's and early 80's nearly every small builder had a Baromix Mixer with its distinctive light blue paint and stand to enable it to tip into a wheelbarrow. My own father bought one in about 1976 with a Briggs and Stratton engine. Baromix also made larger mixers and a powered wheelbarrow. As time went on, Baromix appeared to lose out to Belle with their small mixer which had a stand which could rotate through 360 degrees. Bar-O-Mix Ltd was dissolved in December 1995 and it would appear the company went out of business. The Baromix name is still used by ALTRAD which owns Belle and produces a lot of other plant.

In the 1980's, Baromix had a go at producing a towable digger called the Major. This was very similar to all the other towable diggers of the day and had a choice of Honda or Briggs and Stratton engines. We don't know much about the Baromix Major and only know of its existence thanks to Wayne who supplied a copy of the original sales leaflet for it.

Baromix Major

It would be good to find out a bit more about this digger so if you worked at Baromix and know how many were produced or sold, please get in touch. If you own this type of digger or have an operators manual for it please also contact the webmaster.

You can view the brochure for the Baromix Major by clicking here

Other Baromix Products

This was my 1979 Baromix Commodore mixer which was a very good machine. I bought it for £25 in 1990 and used it extensively until 2008. It had a Villiers petrol engine.

Baromix power barrow.


Baromix Mixer Brochure - PDF


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