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Towable digger, excavator and backhoe website. Features Fleming Micron, Powerfab, Mantis, Benford, Roughneck, Gopher, Smalley, Tow-hoe, Standard Muscleman, Termite, Mitchell Cotts, Mini Gigant, Baromix, Euromach, Bronco, JPB, Digger 50, homemade and other small diggers. Links to current manufacturers such as Groupe-FCM and suppliers of plans for the Ground Hawg Homebuilt Backhoe and CDP Excavator. Includes other plant and mechanical information, Digger Bucket Page, Plant Photo Gallery, Dumper Restoration Project and useful links for Digger Spares and Repairs. Extra information and pictures to add to the site always appreciated. Also includes a section dedicated to preserving information about Johnson Machinery Limited.

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Towable excavator manufacturers from the 1980's & 90's

There is a constantly growing collection of pictures and information on this site about towable excavators.  When I was looking for a digger I was only aware of Powerfab and ended up with a Fleming Micron. Since then, through the website the Gopher, Manor Micron, Roughneck and many other machines have come to light. Thanks to assistance from Wayne I have been able to compile an extensive list (see below) of towable machines from the 1980's and 1990's. If you have any of the ones for which we have no information please get in touch. Any photo's or information greatly appreciated. If you have a machine which isn't mentioned then I would like to hear from you too. In time it would be nice to complete the full list.

Diggers which have dedicated pages on this site

Manufacturer & Model Names Country of origin Image Further details
Powerfab - 125, 125W, 125WTD UK Powerfab diggers Click here
Mantis also known as Benford ME130 UK Mantis or Benford ME130 mini digger Click here
Gopher International Ltd (later Manor Excavators) - Gopher and Gopher Boss UK Gopher digger Click here
Roughneck Excavators Ltd - (2000/2000T/2600T) UK Roughneck excavators Click here
Fleming International Machinery Ltd - Fleming Micron and later Manor Micron UK Fleming Micron digger, Manor Micron excavator Click here
Manor Excavators - Manor Micron and late Gopher models UK Manor Micron, Manor Excavators Click here
Richard Smalley - has been making walking diggers since the 1960's UK Smalley diggers Click here
Team Services - Tow Hoe. This machine was also sold as the Standard Muscleman UK Toe Hoe digger Click here
Mitchell Cotts Environmental UK Mitchell Cotts Environmental digger Click here
T J Products - Termite Micro Excavator UK Termite_micro_excavator Click here
Baromix Major - Baromix Building Machinery Ltd UK Baromix Major Click here
Mini Gigant GS210 Rigling Midget Micro Switzerland Mini Gigant GS210 Click here
Euromach Jolly also sold as Bronco Micro Excavator Italy Euromach Jolly Bronco Micro Excavator Click here
Topi Motorshovel Finland Topi Motorshovel Click here
Robinson Rouse, CR 840 USA Robinson Rouse CR840 Click here
JPB (Mini Excavators) Limited - JPB2 UK JPB2 Click here
Digger 50 and 35 Sweden Digger 50 Click here
Faucheux K240 France Faucheux K240 Click here
Benny Skorpio 3-S and 4-S Italy Benny Skorpio Click here
Nemag  K10, TP20, TS30 and TS50 Italy Nemag K10 Click here
Dig-IT America Dig-IT Click here
Kendig Ireland Kendig excavator Click here

Diggers with insufficient information for a full page

Manufacturer Country of origin Image Futher details
Jurop Unknown Jurop digger Info needed please
Bronse UK   Read article from 1984 Construction Plant and Equipment

Diggers which I currently have no information for. If you have any pictures or information for these machines please help to complete this list.

  • Ryan (Czechoslovakia) - still building towable excavators as at 8/4/10 - thanks to Bruno for the link.
  • Trencherman
  • Plus many others.     

I really couldn't have made this page without the help of Wayne. Many thanks to him and everyone else who has contributed.

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