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Kendig excavator

Kendig Excavators Limited were based at Keenagh, County Longford in Ireland. The company was formed on 14th November 1986 and dissolved by 1995 (source Companies Registration Office, Irish equivalent of Companies House).

Charles Harrison who was involved with the manufacture of the machines has kindly provided some information and original pictures.

Charles says, 'We manufactured the Kendig excavator in Keenagh, Co Longford in the 1980's. We sold them mostly in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. Numbers were small, we made about 90 machines including the 360 degree 1.5 ton prototype track digger powered by Kubota engine. In the end the manufacturing rights were sold to another company. We are not sure if they made any further machines'.

Charles now runs Harrison Bros Longford Ltd and you can see what they get up to at http://www.kenequip.com/

Original photographs

Kendig factory

Here are 5 Kendig excavators ready for dispatch from the Factory in the 1980's.

Kendig in Holland

This Mark 1 Kendig is pictured in Holland.


5 Kendig diggers with different attachments fitted.

Diesel Kendig

A diesel Kendig with rock breaker.

Kendig at show

A range of Kendig products at a machinery show.

Kendig tractor digger

Kendig also built a tractor mounted backhoe.

Kendig 360 at factory

This is Kendig's 360 excavator on test at the Factory.

Kendig 360 in Belgium

This  is the proto-type Kendig 360 pictured in Belgium in 1989.

Tom's Kendig

Tom's machine was the first Kendig we had seen. Since it was added to the site, Charles has been in touch with the information above about the original company.

Kendig excavator

Tom's Kendig excavator pictured in the Scottish borders.

Kendig digger

The Kendig is a typical 1980's style towable digger.

Kendig backhoe

The Kendig has a Honda GX140 engine and a mean looking rear anchor.

Kendig digger

The Kendig has full 180 degree slew with two rams, two lever digger control and a good driving position making it easy to get on and off the machine.

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Thanks to Tom for the pictures and information for this page.

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