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Johnson Construction Machinery 2500

Here's a 4WD dumper from after the change to Johnson Construction Machinery Ltd. Dave says, "First machine to be painted in construction yellow. with raised seat position, new welded pivot, and lift up hood".

JCM 2500 Dumper

The factory in the background looks unchanged from earlier photographs

Johnson Construction Machinery Ltd 4WD dumper

The JCM 2500 Dumper has a Petter engine which is on display here with the hood lifted up.

250X - Prototype

This is the 250X Prototype shown at Adswood with the railway line and a rather sad Mini in the background

Johnson Construction Machinery 200X dumper

Here's a JCM 200X Superdumper photographed outside the new Worsley factory sometime around 1982.

300X Superdumper

The JCM 300X Superdumper again pictured at Worsley.

Johnson Construction Machinery Hi-Placer

A JCM Hi-Placer demonstrating its high discharge capabilities.


Front view of the 200X Hi-Placer. Visibility for the driver must have been an issue.

JCM 250X

A change of colour scheme here for the 250X Superdumper.

JCM 250X Superdumper

The JCM 250X Superdumper.

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