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Website with towable digger, excavator and backhoe information. Features Fleming Micron, Powerfab, Mantis, Benford, Roughneck, Gopher, Smalley, Tow-hoe, Standard Muscleman, homemade and other small diggers. Links to current manufacturers such as Groupe-FCM and suppliers of plans for the Ground Hawg Homebuilt Backhoe and CDP Excavator. Includes other plant and mechanical information, Digger Bucket page, Plant Photo Gallery, Dumper Restoration Project and useful links for Digger Spares and Repairs. Extra information and pictures to add to the site always appreciated. The website now includes a new section dedicated to preserving information about Johnson Machinery Limited.

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Always pleased to receive: extra digger pictures (please send message first so I can advise about sending pictures) and bits of info, suggestions about the site, details of spare part suppliers, messages from fellow towable digger owners and plant enthusiasts. Thanks to the hundreds of people who have sent messages over the past few years. I am very busy so please bear with me if you don't get a reply right away.

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