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Digger 50 and 35

Digger 50

Digger AB was based in Sollentuna in Sweden and in the 1980's built two models of towable excavator, the 50 and the 35. We don't know how many were produced or what happened to the company. The photo's on this page were taken by Bruno from Belgium at the Hanover Messe in 1982 or 3.

Digger 50

The Digger 50 was the larger of the two machines and could be purchased with Honda petrol, Lombardini diesel or electric motor power units.

The Digger 50 had one important difference from all the Powerfabs, Flemings and other towable machines of the day; full 180 degree slew using two rams. Admittedly the Gopher also had 180 degree slew but this was a strange arrangement using a chain and sprocket. The Digger 50 arrangement is what is commonly found today on many full size wheel diggers. Roughneck did also try 180 degree slew on their TXD prototype.

Digger 50

Here you can see the two ram slew arrangement on the Digger 50.

The 35 was a smaller machine. The one in the picture has the electric motor option.

Digger 35

Original brochures and technical information

Glen from Washington state USA owns this Digger 50 .

Digger 50

Glen is very happy with this machine.

Alaskan Digger 50 machines (added 22/01/13)

Dan recently contacted me with some great information about the Digger 50. He says, 'I have been involved with the Digger Factory for over 20 years. I have many of these machines, they are very well suited for remote work. My business is in Alaska where we use them all over the state. Please feel free to have people contact me should they need advice or parts. I have 7 Digger 50’s with a ton of parts. I worked with the factory and sold them to the USA and Canada for several years until I realised I could do better as a general contractor. They are an incredible tool, very well built, I have made a few modifications, like the roll over bar that was necessary for the USA. I am based out of Anchorage, Alaska'.

Dan's website is http://www.rssialaska.com/ if you want to contact him.

Digger 50 Alaska

Digger 50 working in a remote location

Digger 50 excavator

No trailer required here!

Digger 50 with helicopter

Just to prove the helicopter can lift it

Digger 50 with blade

Digger 50 fitted with a dozer blade

Digger 50

One of Dan's Digger 50 machines at work.

Scandig 50

Harald from Norway kindly sent me these pictures of his Scandig 50 which he believes is similar to a Digger 50.

Scandig 50

Scandig 50 owned by Harald.

Scandig 50

Engine and hydraulic pump.

Scandig 50 controls

Control layout.

You can view the manual for the Scandig 50 by clicking here

Message from Jan about Spare Parts added 17.2.15

Hello Jim!  First Great Thanks to a very good web page. It´s perfect. I recently bought a DIGGER 50 (on www.blocket.se) and have searched for more info about the company since then. It´s my first excavator ever. I´m so tired from hand digging (about 45m distance & 0,5-1m deep, last summer by hand, and I´m still not ready. The reason is I´m trying to stop ground water approaching nearer the house. Anyway: I finally found the DIGGER Company! I can read in your introduction text about DIGGER that you don't know what happened to the Company. Well, I can tell you now after some searching. They have mowed from Sollentuna (Stockholm district) to community Mullsjö.  There is some changing in the company but production is still going on. I talked with chairman Kent-Åke Boqvist yesterday by telephone and he was really good to talk with. He said the last DIGGER is absolutely not produced, if I thought so. They have spare parts and service. I asked for a instruction manual to my DIGGER 50, and that was no problem. They will send it by post this week, including detail list if I want ordering parts or so, some time.    Their address is:  Digger Maskin International AB  Rosengatan 4  56534 Mullsjö  Sweden  tel:nr +46 0392-31996 

Can you help improve this page? Do you know anything else about the Digger 50 or have any pictures, brochures or user manuals? If so, please contact the webmaster.

Thanks to Bruno, Glen, Harald and Dan for the pictures and Wayne for the brochures for this page.

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