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This old Hymac is going to be cut up soon so I thought I had better take a picture of it quick. Len who is restoring another Hymac and likes saving such machines suggested that I entitle this picture "Divorce Tackle"!

Peter from Holland sent these pictures of his Powerfab 125 WTD in action demolishing a building.

Powerfab 125 WTD

The Powerfab makes short work of the brick built wall.

Powerfab 125 WTD

Extreme care needs to be taken when using a digger in this way that none of the masonry falls backwards onto the machine or operator.

Powerfab 125 WTD

Here Peter is digging a trench with the Powerfab and has a good bucketful on board.

George Fowell dumper owned by Noel in Australia

George Fowell dumper

Noel says this dumper is a "Type One"

George Fowell dumper

Noel is interested in contacting other George Fowell owners

Barford Bison four-wheel-drive dumper owned by Simon who uses it with his tractor mounted digger. The dumper has a Lister SR2 engine.

Installing electricity cable ducts

Fleming Micron being used to install ducts for electricity cables.

Shelvoke + Drewry forklift. Photo kindly supplied by Duncan

Shelvoke + Drewry

The forklift is looking great after a facelift

I am very grateful to Baz for these excellent pictures of a Whitlock digger. Hard to find these days

Whitlock wheel digger

The Whitlock had a very unusual back actor design


Whitlock Brothers Great Yeldham

These are my own pictures of a Ford Auto-Dig digger spotted in November 2011.

Ford wheel digger

The "auto-dig" feature never really caught on

IHI Chieftan 35 or 50 G owned by Gordon.

1965 Benford 750 Dumper with Petter PH1

1965 Benford 750 Dumper with Petter PH1

The Benford is looking great after a paint up