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Ruston Bucyrus | Priestman Lion | Ford Sherman backhoe | Thwaites Dumper Digger | John Deere digger | Case 648

This Ruston Bucyrus 220 RH hydraulic excavator is pictured by the harbour at Falmouth. It looked in reasonable order apart from having no glass in the cab but that's fairly typical.

Clamshell bucket

The old Ruston was fitted with this clamshell bucket and was used for discharging calcified seaweed.

The dredger Sandchime. Now out of use for several years. On board is a Priestman Lion 35, which is a land based version with tracks just sat on board on two blocks of wood!


If anyone fancies saving the Priestman Lion I can probably find out who owns it so just contact me via the website. It is currently situated at Falmouth.

A 1961 Ford F600 with a Sherman backhoe attachment mounted onto it. This is owned by Richard from Indiana, USA. It took him about 6 months to get it working well.

Sherman Ford backhoe

Richard says, "this machine is not road legal, but it is pretty easy to move around a worksite. I can drive it onto a trailer to haul places if I need to. The total cost was $650".

Dave emailed these pictures of his Thwaites Dumper Digger. This has a Petter engine and Dave says it has tons of power for digging.

Thwaites dumper digger

Dave would be interested to hear from any other Dumper Digger enthusiasts and to find out more about his machine.

I spotted this rare John Deere wheel digger in an old crane yard. Not a common machine in the UK. The back actor had been taken off and was in the brambles nearby.


These old cranes were also parked near the John Deere. The John Deere is probably a 400a or 100a. It has been fitted with some different rear wheels.

Stan emailed this picture of his 1983 Case 648 loader. It looks like a great machine to me.