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Fleming Micron diggerWebsite with towable digger, excavator and backhoe information. Features Fleming Micron, Powerfab, Mantis, Benford, Roughneck, Gopher, Smalley, Tow-hoe, Standard Muscleman, homemade and other small diggers. Links to current manufacturers such as Groupe-FCM, Hubei, Dig It and suppliers of plans for the Ground Hawg Homebuilt Backhoe and CDP Excavator. Includes various other plant, construction and mechanical projects, Plant Photo Gallery and useful links for Spares and Repairs. Extra information and pictures to add to the site always appreciated. The website now includes a new section dedicated to preserving information about Johnson Machinery Limited.

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I've got a job for you by Jim Perkins

I recently bought this limited edition book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. As I own two Petter engines a PH1 and an AA1 this book was of particular interest to me. It has loads of good quality black and white photographs of Petter engines and installations from yesteryear. I have previously read other plant books such as Cranemakers to the World the history of Stothert and Pitt, and this one is a clear winner being a large format hardback with plenty of interesting text.

Jim Perkins provides an interesting account of his working life as a Petter service engineer which will appeal to plant and engine enthusiasts alike. There are lots of technical tips and useful original documents.

I've got a job for you - Jim Perkins

The book is hardback and contains over 230 pages.

Copies of the book can be obtained from Comrade Malk's Classic Shop in the Post Office, at 87 College Street, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 4GE who act as agent for the author. The price is £22.50 plus £6.00 P&P. Copies can be signed and dedicated by Jim at no extra cost, by prior arrangement.  For further details please email Malcolm Ewing