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Powerfab 125WT. Pictures kindly taken by my niece Chloe.

Powerfab 125

This Powerfab was used for digging graves.

Thanks to Bob for this picture of an old hi lift truck in Rekjavik. It's an International Harvester truck with Simon Snorkel lift which is is still used for access to the masts on fishing boats.

Len is restoring this 1965 Hymac 580 BT. It had previously worked in a scrap yard so he had to find a bucket ram and linkage for it from another machine that was being scrapped.

Len previously restored this JCB 2DII which is a 1975 model

JCB digger

The JCB is stuck in the mud here!

JCB digger

What Len says about his JCB, "Once all the hydraulics were repaired the JCB was in regular use and fine on hard surfaces.  I had to be very careful in the field to stay on firm soil but as you can see mistakes did happen!  I thought it would have to come out in pieces but fortunately the local farmer has a good sense of humour and a very big 4x4 John Deere.  It was this experience that made me look for something with tracks".

Manitowoc 4600 crane photographed by Mervyn. He says, "it was taken in 1977 on the construction of a new harbour in the Arabian Gulf. It is sat on four columns of hollow concrete 'bricks' stacked ten high, 14 metres above the sea bed. They were loose placed. It was quite interesting to see them sway when there was a swell running. The crane placed/stacked the last eight smaller blocks in front of it with divers and moved forward onto them. It was on the blocks for two and a half years and did about one and a half kilometres of quay wall".

JCB on the island of Fuertaventura. This machine was well used and leaking a fair amount of hydraulic oil wherever it went!


Dumper working with the JCB. The mixer is on blocks so it can tip into the dumper but doesn't that make for hard work shovelling in the sand and cement?

Here is Nick's JCB 2DII, restored/re-sprayed in 2002. He is using it for excavating a cellar for his new build house. The machine is piped for a breaker which is essential for removing the big stones in the Costa Blanca area where he is building.

John from Australia kindly brought my attention to this Cranvel Backhoe which is a tractor mounted machine. The arm has a very complex design.

Cranvel Backhoe

What is interesting about this backhoe is the design of the slew which gives full 180 degree motion.

Unknown dumper living in a rather tumbledown shed photographed by my brother Michael


Gerald is trying to identify this dumper he owns.