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Towable digger, excavator and backhoe website. Features Fleming Micron, Powerfab, Mantis, Benford, Roughneck, Gopher, Smalley, Tow-hoe, Standard Muscleman, Termite, Mitchell Cotts, Mini Gigant, Baromix, Euromach, Bronco, Topi Motorshovel, JPB, Digger 50, Faucheux, Benny Skorpio, homemade and other small diggers. Links to current manufacturers such as Groupe-FCM and suppliers of plans for the Ground Hawg Homebuilt Backhoe and CDP Excavator. Includes other plant and mechanical information, Digger Bucket Page, Plant Photo Gallery, Dumper Restoration Project and useful links for Digger Spares and Repairs. Extra information and pictures to add to the site always appreciated. Also includes a section dedicated to preserving information about Johnson Machinery Limited.

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Clio AltracSite Overview. What are a load of rusty old diggers doing on the web? Fleming Micron diggerFleming Micron digger restoration projects, operators manual, technical info and Manor Micron.
Powerfab, digger, excavatorPowerfab digger information - original sales literature, operators manual and interesting pictures Roughneck towable diggerRoughneck 2000, 2000T, 2600T digger pictures and history of this British built machine. Technical information and owners manual. Recovery of a Roughneck 2000 digger.
Baromix Major diggerBaromix Major - towable digger - built by the well-known cement mixer company from Alcester in Warwickshire Gopher Digger, excavatorThe Gopher towable excavator. Pictures, original sales literature and operators manual for this unusual digger.
Smalley diggerThe Smalley towable digger. Pictures, history, video and driving tips. Mantis digger, Benford ME130Mantis Micro Excavator also known as the Benford ME130. Information, pictures and owners manual.
Mitchell Cotts diggerMitchell Cotts Environmental A less well known 360 degree towable digger. Manor Micron diggerList of known towable digger manufacturers from the 1980's and 1990's.
Homemade backhoe, homemade diggerHomemade diggers and links to Ground Hawg and CDP excavator plans. Also includes current manufacturers like Groupe-FCM, Hubei and Digalot. Tow-Hoe, Toe-Hoe, Standard-Muscleman, digger, excavator, backhoeTow-Hoe digger, also known as Standard Muscleman. Pictures, original sales literature, technical information and operators manuals.
Termite Micro ExcavatorT J Products - Termite Micro Excavator built in Scotland. Original pictures, brochure and Operators Manual Mini Gigant GS210 excavatorMini Gigant GS210 Excavator and Rigling Midget Micro
Euromach Jolly Bronco Micro ExcavatorEuromach Jolly and Bronco Micro Excavator. Original sales literature and Operators Manual Topi MotorshovelTopi Motorshovel 360 degree micro digger from Finland
Groupe-FCM diggers, excavators, backhoesDiggers from Groupe-FCM. Development history and current production models including walk behind digger. Robinson Rouse CR840Robinson Rouse CR840 - a very rare American built towable backhoe
JPB2 Mini ExcavatorJPB2 Mini Excavator - a Coventry built machine from the 1980's Digger 50Digger 50 and 35 from Sweden - "the handy hydraulic excavator with unlimited possibilities". Also Scandig 50
Faucheux K240 Klein Bagger Faucheux K240 Mini Digger (Klein Bagger) from France Benny Skorpio 3-SBenny Skorpio 3-S and 4-S Italian built diggers
Nemag EscavatoreNemag K10, TP20, TP30 and TP50 Escavatore from Italy Dig-IT backhoeDig-It Backhoes from America
Kendig ExcavatorKendig Excavator from Ireland Roughneck_skiploaderRoughneck Skiploader
Digger spares and repairsSpares and Repairs - page with useful links for hydraulic parts, pumps, engines and information to keep your diggers and dumpers working. Digger bucketDigger buckets - information about repairing and building buckets for small diggers
O and K digger, excavator link to Photo GalleryPlant Photo Gallery. Loads of pictures of interesting diggers, dumpers, plant, cranes, forklifts and mixers. Johnson Machinery, 2HG dumperSection of the website charting the history of Johnson Machinery Ltd with original photos, sales literature, technical information and pictures of surviving machines.
Johnson 2HG dumperMy  ongoing Johnson 2HG Dumper restoration project. See progress to date and technical information for the dumper and Petter PH1 diesel engine. SteelfabNew page with information about the Steelfab company from Cardiff and their range of diggers and dumpers